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Hi and Assalamualaikum for Muslims

           Actually , i have no story to share now . Just wanna introduce myself . My full name I don't think so to share but u can call me shah , shah izan , izan or ijan . I'm 17 years old (2011) . I'm from Kuala Lumpur (KL) . I have been graduated from secondary school ,SMK Zon R1 Wangsa Maju . I like to eat my mother cooked . I'm also like playing football , badminton , volleyball and so on . When I grow up , I want to be a usefull person for my lovely family and persons . Next, I'm cool , sporting , simple , romantic and not showing what I have . haha . I like black , green , blue , yellow , white and others colour but sometimes I hate pink colour . I don't know why I hate that colour so much . Ngee ^^ . I like something that can give me nice feeling . Like seaview , sunset , garden full of a small beasts such as butterflies . I like to have friend with anyone not counts age and gender . I like to help anyone those are in problems . Lastly , I apologize for my not very good with the English languages​​.

The End